YouTube Music Enhances Android App with “Hum to Search” Feature

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YouTube Music is updating its Android app with an exciting new feature that allows users to identify songs by simply humming, singing, or playing a snippet of music. This feature, integrated into the app’s search function, is designed to make finding songs more accessible than ever.

Upon accessing the search tool in the YouTube Music app, users will find a new waveform icon next to the existing microphone icon for voice search. This new addition clearly allows users to engage with the song identification feature directly.

Initially introduced for Google Search in 2020, the ability to search by humming leverages artificial intelligence to compare the user’s input with a vast database of recorded songs, aiming to find a match. This technology, which became available in the main YouTube app last October, is now making its way to YouTube Music.

The process of song identification has been optimized for speed and efficiency. When a song is identified, the app displays a detailed results page, including cover art, song title, artist name, album, release year, and options to play the song or save it to your library. Users can quickly start a new search or exit the results page via intuitive controls.

This feature is currently available in version 7.02 of the YouTube Music app for Android. Although it started undergoing testing in March, there has been no confirmation on when it will be available for iOS devices.

YouTube Music’s implementation of this song identification technology reflects a continued effort to enhance user experience and maintain competitiveness in the crowded streaming music market. This feature simplifies the search process and adds a fun, interactive element to discovering music on the platform.

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