The Boys Season 4 Episode 5: Is Joe Kessler Real or Butcher’s Imagination?

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The Boys Season 4 Episode 5 delivered an emotional rollercoaster, leaving fans with more questions than answers. While the episode didn’t reveal the extent of Butcher’s powers, it did present a bizarre and bloody scene with super-powered, or “V’d up,” chickens and sheep. However, the most intriguing mystery revolves around Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, Joe Kessler. Is Joe Kessler a real person, or is he a figment of Butcher’s imagination? Let’s delve into the clues.

Joe Kessler Only Appears Around Butcher

A significant hint that Joe Kessler might not be real is his exclusive interactions with Butcher. Throughout the series, Joe Kessler has only appeared when Butcher is present. No other character has seen or interacted with him, raising suspicions about his existence.

Lack of Communication with Others

Whenever Joe appears, it’s always in moments where Butcher is making critical decisions or planning actions. There’s no external communication or acknowledgment from others regarding Joe’s presence. This solitary interaction suggests that Joe could be a hallucination, similar to how Butcher previously hallucinated his late wife, Becca.

Unusual Behavior and Interactions

In the first episode of Season 4, Butcher meets Joe and pours him a drink. Strangely, Joe doesn’t take a sip, despite meeting after eleven years. This behavior is odd, given the context of their reunion. Additionally, in Episode 5, during the scene where Butcher has captured Sameer and cut off his leg, Sameer looks confused when Butcher talks to Joe. Sameer’s reactions imply that he doesn’t see or hear Joe, further suggesting that Joe is a product of Butcher’s mind.

Why Is Butcher Hallucinating Joe Kessler?

If Joe Kessler is indeed a hallucination, it begs the question: why is Butcher experiencing these visions? One theory is that Butcher’s hallucinations stem from his psychological state, exacerbated by the pressures and traumas he faces. Just as he hallucinated Becca during times of emotional turmoil, Joe Kessler might represent a coping mechanism or a manifestation of Butcher’s internal struggles and guilt.

The enigmatic presence of Joe Kessler in The Boys Season 4 adds a layer of psychological complexity to Butcher’s character. While it remains to be seen whether Joe is real or a hallucination, the clues point towards the latter. As the season progresses, fans are eager to see how this mystery unfolds and what it reveals about Butcher’s psyche.

For now, the possibility that Joe Kessler is a figment of Butcher’s imagination offers a fascinating twist to the narrative, adding depth to the already intense and unpredictable world of The Boys. Keep watching as the series continues to explore these intriguing dynamics in its remaining episodes.

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