Tesla Cybertruck’s Latest Off-Road Enhancements Elevate Its Rugged Capabilities

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Tesla has significantly upgraded the off-road capabilities of its Cybertruck, aligning it more closely with off-road-centric models like the Rivian R1T. Initially, the Cybertruck struggled to match the off-road prowess of its competitors, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning. However, recent updates have introduced several essential features that bolster its off-road performance.

The Cybertruck now includes a variety of driving modes tailored to different terrains, which help optimize its handling and traction on surfaces like rock, sand, and mud. These enhancements are part of a broader update that Tesla has started rolling out to its vehicles, as announced on the social platform X by Tesla’s lead engineer, Wes Morrill.

In addition to terrain-specific modes, the update adds locking differentials and adjustable torque split, features designed to improve the vehicle’s stability and grip under various off-road conditions. The update also includes a crawl control feature and a new “Tent Mode,” which optimizes the vehicle for camping scenarios by adjusting the suspension for a level setup.

These updates were put to the test in a head-to-head comparison with the Rivian R1T conducted by the Top Gear team in California’s Johnson Valley—a renowned destination for off-road testing. The test involved modifications such as airing down the tires and removing wheel covers to prevent damage. The results showed that while both vehicles performed well on challenging terrain, the Rivian R1T displayed a slight edge in high-speed stability due to its more forgiving suspension setup.

Despite the Cybertruck’s stiffer build causing it to bounce more on rougher tracks, it held up well and did not sustain any damage, even when driven over a jump—a test that caused minor damage to the Rivian’s equipment.

With these updates, Tesla’s Cybertruck is starting to fulfill its promise as a capable off-road vehicle. The ongoing enhancements not only improve competitiveness but also signal Tesla’s commitment to evolving its vehicles to meet diverse driving needs. Rumors of an even more robust Rivian R1T on the horizon suggest that the rivalry in the electric pickup space will only intensify, potentially prompting further innovations from Tesla.

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