NASA to Enhance NISAR Satellite with Heat-Resistant Coating for Earth Observation Mission

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NASA and ISRO, are almost done building a satellite called NISAR. This satellite will be sent into space from a place in India called the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Before it goes up, NASA is going to put a special kind of paint Heat-Resistant Coating on part of the satellite. This part is a big dish, about as wide as a school bus is long, that helps the satellite send and receive signals from Earth.

They found out that this big dish might get too hot in space, which could cause problems. So, they’re using this special paint to keep it cool by reflecting sunlight away from it. This is important because the satellite has a big job. It’s going to look at the Earth every 12 days to see how land, ice, and water are changing. This can help us understand more about our planet, like where ice is melting or where forests are growing or shrinking.

Because the dish is so big and needs to be painted carefully, they’re sending the satellite from India to California to do this. Once the paint is checked and everything looks good, they’ll decide when to launch the satellite into space. Then, it will go back to India, where it will be made ready for its mission.

This satellite is pretty special because it can take really detailed pictures of Earth’s surface, which can help scientists see changes happening in places like ice sheets, forests, and areas around volcanoes and places where earthquakes happen.

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