iPadOS 18: Exciting New Features and Notable Omissions

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Apple recently released iPadOS 18 Beta 1, unveiling a suite of enhancements and new features for its range of iPads. This update introduces significant changes aimed at enhancing user experience and device functionality. However, it’s clear that while some advancements have been made, key areas remain unaddressed, leaving room for future improvements.

Exciting New Features of iPadOS 18

Supported Devices

The update extends support to a broad array of models, including the latest M4 iPad Pro, various generations of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini. This wide range of compatibility continues Appleā€™s tradition of supporting older devices, a notable strength of the ecosystem.

Home Screen Customization

One of the standout features of iPadOS 18 is the revamped home screen. Users now have increased flexibility with the placement of app icons and can adjust widget sizes directly on the home screen. This level of customization also includes aesthetic adjustments such as icon theme, tint color, and size, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the interface.

Control Center Overhaul

The control center in iPadOS 18 has been redesigned both visually and functionally. Icons have new shapes and sizes, and users can now customize the control center layout extensively. This includes adding and organizing various controls, a much-anticipated feature that enhances usability.

Calculator and Math Notes

iPadOS 18 finally introduces a native calculator app, a long-missing utility on iPads. More innovative, however, is the Math Notes feature integrated within the calculator and notes apps. This tool allows users to write down and solve equations instantly, offering real-time answers and even graphing capabilities. This feature is particularly advantageous for students and professionals alike.

Here are some Missing Features

Despite these enhancements, iPadOS 18 falls short in several areas. The update does not include improvements to stage management, clamshell mode, pro-level applications, or extended monitor support. Additionally, there is no enhanced functionality akin to Samsung Dex when the iPad is docked with a Magic Keyboard, nor significant improvements to the Files app. These omissions highlight ongoing limitations in transforming the iPad into a full-fledged computer replacement.

While iPadOS 18 brings exciting new features that enhance the iPad experience, it also highlights areas where Apple has yet to fully capitalize on the device’s potential. Users looking for a more desktop-like experience on their iPad will find the update lacking in several respects, suggesting that Apple may still be holding back on fully unleashing the iPad’s capabilities.

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