‘Despicable Me 4’ Tops July 4th Box Office With $20.4 Million, ‘Inside Out 2’ Crosses $500 Million Domestically

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Fireworks, barbecues, and Gru marked this year’s 4th July celebrations as “Despicable Me 4” soared to the top of the box office, earning a robust $20.4 million. The latest installment in Universal and Illumination’s beloved franchise about a reformed supervillain and his mischievous minions has amassed $47.6 million in just two days of release. Projections suggest it will rake in around $120 million over the five-day holiday period, an impressive feat considering its relatively modest $100 million production budget.

Box Office Success

“Despicable Me 4” reunites Steve Carell as Gru with his former “Anchorman” co-star Will Ferrell, who plays the French antagonist Maxime Le Mal, alongside Sofia Vergara as the femme fatale Valentina. However, it’s the iconic minions (voiced by Pierre Coffin) that continue to capture the hearts of audiences. These yellow, manic characters have become the franchise’s hallmark, appearing not only in the “Despicable Me” series but also in spinoff films, solidifying their status as Illumination’s mascots.

Illumination has leveraged the success of the “Despicable Me” series to launch other animated hits like “The Secret Life of Pets,” “Sing,” and “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” cementing its place as a major player in the animation industry.

Competing Animated Blockbusters

“Despicable Me 4” faced stiff competition from Pixar and Disney’s “Inside Out 2,” which earned $7.2 million on Independence Day, pushing its domestic total to an impressive $503.6 million. This sequel has revived Pixar’s fortunes after a series of less successful releases, now ranking as the third highest-grossing animated film domestically and the sixth highest globally with over $1.07 billion in earnings.

Other Box Office Performers

Paramount’s horror prequel “A Quiet Place: Day One” garnered $4.7 million over the holiday, bringing its domestic total to $73.3 million. Angel Studios’ “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot,” a heartfelt tale about a Texas minister and his wife’s impact on foster children, debuted with $3.2 million.

Rounding out the top five was Kevin Costner’s ambitious Western epic “Horizon: An American Saga,” which collected $1.9 million. Despite Costner’s significant personal investment and Warner Bros. and New Line’s backing, the film’s domestic total of $16.7 million and harsh reviews have cast doubt on the future of his planned series about westward expansion.

Last Year’s Comparison

In contrast, last year’s Fourth of July box office was led by the faith-based drama “Sound of Freedom,” which earned $14.2 million, surpassing “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” which managed $11.7 million during the holiday period.


On this 4th of July, audiences flocked to theaters to enjoy the latest adventures of Gru and his minions, solidifying “Despicable Me 4” as a box office triumph. Meanwhile, “Inside Out 2” continues to demonstrate Pixar’s enduring appeal, crossing significant financial milestones. As the summer progresses, it will be exciting to see how these animated giants perform against upcoming releases.

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