AMD Unveils Ryzen PRO 8840 and 8000G Series CPUs with Enhanced AI Features for Business

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AMD has expanded its portfolio for business clients with the introduction of the Ryzen PRO 8840 and Ryzen PRO 8000G series CPUs. These new offerings build on the success of the Ryzen 8000G series processors and the Ryzen 8840 series mobile processors launched earlier this year. The PRO variants are equipped with AMD PRO Technologies, enhancing their appeal to professional users.

A key highlight of the Ryzen PRO 8000G series is its distinction as the first business-focused desktop processor that includes a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for advanced AI capabilities. Similarly, the Ryzen PRO 8840 mobile processors have received significant AI enhancements over the previous Ryzen PRO 7840 series, indicating AMD’s continued focus on integrating AI technologies into its products.

The announcement was heavily centered on compatibility and performance enhancements with Microsoft Windows environments. However, AMD has also shown support for Linux through the release of an XDNA Linux driver earlier this year, aiding Ryzen AI support. The future of this driver’s integration into the Linux kernel remains uncertain, with ongoing discussions about AMD’s plans for user-space software support on Linux.

The Ryzen PRO processors continue to utilize Zen 4 CPU cores and are equipped with RDNA3 integrated graphics, alongside the new Ryzen AI capabilities. AMD has positioned the Ryzen PRO 8040 series as a strong competitor against Intel’s Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors, particularly in Windows-based applications. Although Linux benchmarks for the new PRO series are not yet available, previous comparisons in non-PRO models have shown AMD’s strong performance against Intel’s offerings.

This expansion underscores AMD’s commitment to enhancing enterprise computing capabilities, particularly through the integration of AI technologies, which are set to transform business operations across various industries.

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